Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love Letters...........

                                                            The Last Letter from Your LoverWhen we hear the words Love Letters , it gives us all -well I know it gives me the tingles. Just imagine how romantic it would be to receive a written love letter, all those hours that went into perfecting it for the writer , then the taking it to the Post Office to post to your loved one.
Now those letter-writing days are slowly disappearing with the technology of email , instant messaging or texting.
Texting turns those three words that every woman wants to hear from "I Love You" to ILY - It doesn't really measure up and have the same emphasis does it now.

Review : The Last Letter from your Lover - Jojo Moyes - 2010

Love letters are a thing of the past with technology evolving. However Jojo Moyes has created the most heartfelt and heartwarming book that every girl who has even an ounce of romanticism will thoroughly enjoy reading. Prior to this book, I hadn't read anything of Jojo Moyes as they never really attracted me "screaming read me, read me". From the front cover and the blurb of this book , it was like I was drawn to it "a book that I have added to one of my favourite reads". This book is perfect for anyone who has read "PS I Love You" by Cecilia Ahern.
Ellie is a modern 21st century girl who works at her local newspaper and is having a relationship with a married man , her relationship communication these days consist of textes and IM's. When her newspaper are having a commemorative issue ,Ellie is sentenced to scour the archives for items to use . While searching the archives , she comes across love letters that were written from 1960-1964.
Reading these letters, brings a tear to her eye and pulls at her heartstrings. Ellie decides to go on a mission to find the original owners of the letters-the To and The From.
What follows is one reporter's mission to find true love and bring two people whom loved and lost those many years ago.
In many ways this book also reminded me a lot of the recent movie "Dear Juliet" , starring Chris Egan and Amanda Seyfried.

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