Saturday, August 28, 2010

Author Spotlight # T'one Brown

Today Readers , I have featured in one of my first Author Spotlight's T'one Brown. I first met T'one through her networking page on facebook "Writers, Author's, Poets Networking Group - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kennesaw-GA/Writers-Authors-Poets-Networking-Group/254333082523
This group provides contacts in the writing world , allows discussions, postings of reviews and writings , writing opportunities and last but not least a solid group of friends.
T'one also compiles for the group a newsletter which is circulated to over 5000 people ( what a lot of readership , a bonus for those who want to join). The newsletter like the Facebook group is titled WAPNG which is the Writers, Authors, Poet Networking Group.

Not only has T'one dedicated herself to the WAPNG Page , she also has her own website

T'one continues to always suprise as she has also written four books , In the next part of this post I am going to give you a quick insight to the writings of T'one Brown.

40 Plus and living it up

After 40 life changes for you. You begin to realize you can hold your own and you don't need permission to do so. Turning 40 is a milestone that only you can experience. There are hard times because of bad choices and decisions. Sometimes life throws you curve balls. You know the unexpected events in life. In this book I share uneventful stories and amazing eventful stories of triumph. Sorry to say just because you are older doesn't necessary mean its easy street. That’s far from the truth and there are rock bottoms, despair, and banging the head against the wall. Some peoples 40's are fantastic and some over 40's feel it’s dreadful. I share my experience but I will share experiences of both men and women who share what turning 40 meant to them. I hope you enjoy the stories they will make you laugh, cry, and experience some joy

Bullies Exposed : Stop The Madness.

If you're among those who have found themselves a bit confused about how bullies are identified, the Bullies Exposed "Stop! The Madness" is what you need to read. It is gone on far too long ignored because of an individual fear of confrontation, and discrimination due to the actions of a bully.

This book takes you beyond the negative experience of a bully
It helps you recognize one, it also helps you recognize yourself as the bully.
It helps you begin to make that change to find your own self-respect with out the need to belittle another or be belittled.
Its time rather it's you that's being the bully, or you up against the wall with one. Go beyond your self imposed limitations by breaking the loose of inhabitations. Identify the major enemies of your hidden abilities because as an adult that bully still has a hold on you. Protect and cultivate your life from bullies you can begin to live again.
Bullies have a way of stopping us dead in our steps even when the bullying is over and in the past. Let us learn to live for today and no longer allow the haunting of a past bully or present bullies keep you from your divine destiny in life.

My Momma :
My Momma which was a personal written book of poems about the love I fell for my mother.

Shared Gratitude :
Shared Gratitude, A Way of Living is the first book I published and it was such a surprise its success has been so amazing. My book was written with people in mind who have seek to discover how to experience sharing gratitude as a way of living.

Gratitude has been around for decades some apply it in their everyday lives, some are missing its astounding results of developing positive relationships, self-validation, and validating they're surrounding environment. When we share our self in gratitude we not only change our personal life we also impart in others. My hope is you my readers will see better ways of having gratitude towards yourself, your life, as well as, for what's already present in your life.

Shared Gratitude, A Way of Living contains wonderful stories, expressing of gratitude. Making connections with people encountered in your everyday life and pearls of wisdom that can completely change your life. The purpose for Shared Gratitude, A Way of Living is to lead you on a path that you no longer live your life by default but on purpose.

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