Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer of Love : A Time-Travel Romance

Summer of Love, A Time Travel

Readers around : If you have been following our Summer of Love excerpts for the past couple of months then I have a treat for you as I give readers another excerpt into Lisa Mason's Book "Summer of Love - A Time travel Romance Novel"

August 28, 1967Chocolate George’s Wake
16 Penny Lane

Twilight casts a chill and an ominous feeling.
“Chi, I’ve got to find Penny Lane,” Susan says. “She was my best friend.” She turns up the block before he can protest. She’s avoided this street for two months.

“A fine novel packed with vivid detail, colorful characters, and genuine insight.”
Washington Post Book World



“Remarkable. . . .the intellect on display within these psychedelically packaged pages is clear-sighted, witty, and wise.” Locus

A harrowing coming of age. A friendship ending in tragedy. A love spanning five centuries. A terrifying far future. And a gritty portrayal of a unique time in American history affecting (for better or for worse) our society to this day.

“A priority purchase.” Library Journal

Copyright © 2010 by Lisa Mason.
Cover art and drawings © copyright 2010 by Tom Robinson.
All rights reserved.

“Captures the moment perfectly and offers a tantalizing glimpse of its wonderful and terrible consequences.”
San Francisco Chronicle

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“Mason has an astonishing gift. Her chief characters almost walk off the page. And the story is as significant as anyone could wish. This book will surely be on the prize ballots.” Analog

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