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The Occult Files of Albert Taylor - Derek Muk

The Occult Files of Albert Taylor: A Collection of Mysterious Cases from the World of the Supernatural

Are you a fan of the Occult , love watching all those horror shows and TV Shows in the tradition of Ghost Whisperer , Supernatural, Medium , Hex, X-Files , The Mentalist and The Gates ? .
If so, then put down whatever you are doing as today's book is right up your alley.

Review : The Occult Files of Albert Taylor - Derek Muk - 2009

Every Hunter needs to have his own casebook and files as we all learnt from watching the Winchester Boys on Supernatural , something that details their sightings , events and cases they solve.
Meet Albert Taylor , he is an Anthropology Professor at the local university who has an odd but intriguing job on the side. He investigates Supernatural cases that involve a series of odd creatures from Ghosts, Cults , Jack the Ripper and more.

The Occult files of Albert Taylor is a collection of 11 Case Files of jobs that he has done . Some of the stories are the kind of supernatural events that you expect from Case #1 : Asylum - A story about a haunted mental institution , the ghost - a patient who went on a hacking killing spree. This plot line is a tale that has been used numerous of times and contains many different versions , others are more interesting with Case Study #2 Competition - A Hawaiian Vampire .

Each Case file is 15-20 pages long and are written as a collection of Short Stories. At first I wondered how The Occult Files of Albert Taylor was going to be different than anything I have read before , but he has impressed me by keeping each case exciting and in parts a tad gruesome and enjoyable as each case involves a Skeptic and fellow group members of Albert Taylor's Paranormal Activity Group.

The Occult Files of Albert Taylor is a must-read for all those who love to sit awake at night and scare themselves with tales of ghost stories and horror. This is not a book for those with weak hearts , afraid of the dark, cover their hands when something scary is on TV and regularly check under their beds and wardrobes for boogey monsters and yes Case Study #7 involves "The Boogeyman" who has a liking for Asians.

This book was provided for Review by Derek Muk and Dark Recesses Magazine , in which I am a Slush Slasher for.

http://www.darkrecesses.com  - Your One-Stop Literary Horror Magazine .

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