Sunday, August 1, 2010

Daughters of Fortune - Tara Hyland

Daughters of Fortune: A Novel

                                                          "A Fashion Dynasty at War"
Isn't it amazing that whenever we read about heiresses , it's that their lives aren't as great as we expect them to be. They have all the money, wealth, privileges in the world-yet they are still not completely happy as the old sayings goes "Money doesn't buy happiness" and "Having too much money, can be a curse" -just in reality, take a look at Celebrities. the everyday people that win lotto , the people on the Rich List.

Review : Daughters of Fortune - Tara Hyland - 1 April 2010
- Courtesy of Penguin Group Publishers

Fifteen years ago , William Melville had an affair with one of his sales lady's Katie that resulted in her having his illegitimate daughter Caitlin. Katie left to start her own life with Caitlin and William went his way with his wife Isabelle and his two daughters Elizabeth and Amber.
Fast Forward fifteen years . Katie has passed away with cancer, leaving Caitlin with no family besides her father's side, now Caitlin is being uprooted from all she Elizabeth and Amber have money and are spoilt little rich girls whereas Caitlin coming from nothing is satisfied with life.
As each daughter grows older, they try and carve out their own destinies and not be seen as another Melville daughter. However , no matter how far you go from being a Melville and in your own direction- you cannot escape your family.
When old wounds are re-opened and a dark secret that hangs over the girls and could threaten the entire dynamics of their families which results in destroying the Melville Empire including their inheritances.
The girls must reunite and join paths to save the only thing that joins them together as a whole. Can the daughters put aside their personal grievances and work together to save the Melville Empire or amongst the daughters are their still grudges that are too big to let go off ?
An amazing debut novel by Tara Hyland. It is in traditions to authors like Louise Bagshawe, Tasmina Perry ,Tilly Bagshawe and Olivia Darling.

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