Friday, August 27, 2010

Not Everyone is Exactly Faithful @ Faithful Place

                                                             Faithful Place: A Novel

When it comes to reading Murder Mysteries , I tend to try and steer clear of the majority of UK Writers as I find their writings too detailed or they tend to drag on and on and on......... . However , every now and again an UK Author pops up and I love their books to bits.
Author's like Shelia Quigley , Kevin Lewis, Ken Bruen, Martina Cole , Jessie Keane, Mark Billingham, James Scott Bell, James Lee and Alafair Burke etc ( Their are many more but these are just to name a few).
Today's book review is from another of my favourite UK authors - Tana French.

Review : Faithful Place - Tana French - August 2010

In life many of us reach an age or a point , where we know who we are and it defines us and in that moment it sets our lives on a course . Whether it be a job, a place, a decision and that moment can come out of tragedy, sickness , necessity etc.
For Frank Mackey , his defining moment in life , the one where he had the epiphany of what he was going to do with his life and become happened at age 19.
At 19 , Frank's world consisted of his girlfriend Rosie "the love of his life" Daly. They had planned to escape from their houses and family at Faithful Place and jump the Ferry and start a new life in England.
For Frank , Rosie never showed and from that day on he left and never returned to Faithful Place . He stuck his life in motion and became an Undercover Cop.
Now Twenty Years later, he has cut all ties with his family , divorced and has a daughter.  He has never looked back on his path until his sister calls to say that Rosie's suitcase has been found hidden in their rendezvous spot of No #16 Faithful Place.
We read as Frank is thrown back into his past and we read as he will go to any lengths to discover what happened that night twenty years ago even if it means betraying those who are family .
As usual Tana French has written another fast-paced , Irish Mystery that will leave you wondering how it happened till the very last chapters.

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