Friday, August 27, 2010

A New Zealand Supernatural At Last

                                                                     Guardian of the Dead
Following the trend of Supernatural/Paranormal/Fantasy Books , I was wondering how long it would be until one was written based in New Zealand, this book hits closer to home for me as well . Throughout the story it describes New Zealand Myths and Legends , and the language is all something that I grew up on. Another piece of random information is that the main character's name in the story Ellie Spencer is similar to my cousin whose name is Ellie Spence. Only one letter difference and like my cousin , the main character's name is really Elizabeth.

Review : Guardian of the Dead - Karen Healey- 2010

Though the author lives in Australia , she was originally from New Zealand and has chosen to set in book in the Heart of New Zealand.
After a year of tragedy in her family with her mother's cancer , Ellie Spencer has been shipped off to Boarding School in the South Island in a town called Canterbury. She misses all her friends back home in Napier ( the north Island) and constantly refers to it throughout the story. 
Set in the North Island of New Zealand lives an evil spirit called the patupaiarehe , it has been causing havoc up and down the island murdering people and taking their eyes as in order to survive it needs the victim's eyes. In the Guardian of the Dead , the quote "Eyes are the windows to our souls" rings true. However , things are about to change as the patupaiarehe is about to embark in the town of Canterbury in the form of a University Student called Reka. When her school crush , Mark accidentally awakens the hidden power and magic within Ellie , she must throw herself into learning how to stop the patupaiarehe before it captures the souls of her friends including best friend Kevin. Quickly to add about Kevin, It makes me wonder if our Author watches Shortland Street as she made Kevin -not gay but asexual like Gerald-the receptionist. We read as Ellie is thrown headfirst into a world of magic, murder, mystery and mayhem.

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