Monday, October 3, 2016

Review: Did I Mention I Love You ? - Estelle Maskame

You know how you get some books, and you want to read them, but they look daunting due to page size or you wonder if they will be too filled with angst and whether you are in the mood for that or not? That's how I felt with Did I Mention I Love You? By Estelle Maskame. I have had the book sitting there for a while to read, and I kept umming and aahing about giving it a go. Then a friend at work read it and so with knowing that she read it, it gave me the push to read and finish the book. In this book, we meet Eden Munro whose father left her family three years ago, and she has not heard a whisper from him until now. He has gotten married and wants Eden to spend the summer with him and his new family. His new wife has three boys and so when Eden arrives, she is expecting three baby brothers. That isn't the case as they are all in their teens and the oldest is a year old than Eden. The family from first meeting is quite dysfunctional especially Tyler - the oldest brother. Eden has already classified him as a jerk and swears he hates the idea of her being there.  Eden not knowing anyone starts to hang around Tyler and his friends and over the next eight weeks gets to know them all very well and some more intimately than others. What will happen though when Tyler's walls start to come down around Eden and revealed is his true personality? Of course, you can see where things are going to head as yes, this is a stepbrother romance for teens. Much more dialed down than some of the other stepbrother romances we are subjected to when this theme became popular. Now onto the Angst side - think the #Hessa relationship from Anna Todd's After series, and you have Eden and Tyler. The story overall was a good read, and I have to say I am looking forward to reading the next couple of books in the trilogy. The only downside I would say is that I found the character of Eden to be slightly frustrating as she came across meek one moment and then tough girl the next and her emotions were all over the place, it was like -hurry up and make up your mind. I also wanted her to have a blow-up with her dad and express what she had been feeling as this might have resolved what she had been feeling. I also found that she went from not doing anything bad to a full-on bad girl too quickly, often this doesn't happen but in Eden's case there definitely was a strong element of peer pressure going on.  Readers, if you want a series to read after finishing Anna Todd's After series - then check out the DIMILY trilogy starting with Book #1 Did I Mention I Love You? By Estelle Maskame.

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