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Review: A Mermaid for Christmas - Nichole Chase

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 A Mermaid for Christmas (Flukes)

Review: A Mermaid For Christmas - Book #1.5 Flukes Series - Nichole Chase - December 2013

Travel back in time when Meena and Blake were only young kids about 7-8 years old. It's Christmas time, and Santa is at the local mall. For those who have read Flukes, you would understand and know that Meena is a Mermaid and that her parents own a resort where Blake had been doing community service. The two fell head over heels with one another in Flukes. Here in A Mermaid for Christmas, we have Blake and Meena's first meeting while waiting in line for Santa. All Meena wants is a friend and someone who can understand her, so she asks Santa for a Mermaid friend. What I loved about this book was that Meena was so thoughtful as she got Santa a gift, it was quite cute and made me want to pick up little Meena and go awh as you could already tell at her young age that she had a big heart. If you want a quick read, then A Mermaid For Christmas is the short story for you as it's sweet, short and has a good family happy ending. What better way to spend Christmas Day than with the ones you love. A Mermaid For Christmas, if you have not yet read Flukes also contains a sneak introduction to the first chapter. Perfect for those fans of Aquamarine and H20 Just Add Water or Mako Mermaids. 

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