Friday, January 27, 2017

VBT#: Confessions of a Nerdaholic - Savannah Blevins

As soon as I saw this title, I knew I had to read it, and I also knew that it would become a hit read of mine as HELLO I am someone who falls into the Geek/Nerd world. I am proud of it. In Confessions of a Nerdaholic, we meet Eloise Duncan who studies in the library but seems to be failing her anatomy class as the only anatomy she is studying in the library is the hot nerd on the table next to hers. Mondays are her perving day, as she doesn't think she will ever get up the confidence to talk to him. This goes on for a while as we get to meet Eloise's friends who like Eloise have their ideal type of guys from Cowboys to Football stars. Reading this book, I found myself relating to Eloise and loved her character. One day Eloise overhears a phone call and finally discovers her hunk's name Oliver Edwards, and from there the two become study buddies and eventually something more than friends. What will happen though when Eloise's worst nightmare shows up on her doorstep? Will this be the end of Eloise and Oliver? Will their happiness be short-lived or will this be the push that Eloise needs to cut the apron strings from her pushy and overbearing father? OMG the ending, I have to admit I read that chapter a couple of times as each time I read it, my heart swelled with happiness, and I was like YAY as it has a perfect ending for a book. This was the first I had read of Savannah Blevins and hope she does some more writing in the geek chick lit type genre as definitely one of my favorites to read. If you classify yourself as one of the geeks or nerds and proud of it, then check out this book Confessions of a Nerdaholic as, like myself, you will love it.

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