Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review: The Second Time I Saw You - Pippa Croft

The Second Time I Saw You  (Oxford Blue, #2)

Review: The Second Time I Saw You - Book #2 Oxford Blue Series - Pippa Croft - May 2014

In Lauren's first year of College in England at Oxford, she met and fell for Alexander Hunt - a wealthy Englishman and here she was a commoner and an American for starters. She was everything that he should not have fallen for. The relationship though doomed from the start with interference from his family and others, Lauren and Alexander tried to persevere but with the world at their fingertips and pressures - the pair ended up breaking apart. Lauren went home for the break, and now she is back at Oxford and settling back into England life and preparing a year without Alexander Hunt in her life. During her first week, Lauren gets a knock at her dorm door, and it's Alexander in tears. His father has just been killed, and he has no-one else around who he wants to share his pain with. Being the good friend as she still cares about Alexander, she comforts him and attends the funeral. From there, the pair starts to fall back into their old ways and get closer during this time. Of course, there are others that don't want Lauren getting her grubby American mitts on Alexander and will do anything in their power to pull her away from Alexander once again. Being in a relationship with Alexander is anything but easy and brings a lot of baggage and drama. Can Lauren afford to let her heart fall for Alexander again and let him in? Will this be a second time lucky for Alexander and Lauren or will the pair be stuck in the same destructive relationship cycle? 
Find out in this New Adult/Adult crossover College Romance by Pippa Croft - The Second Time I Saw You.

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