Monday, January 16, 2017

Review: Mentor Me, Professor - Sylvia Fox


Review: Mentor Me , Professor - Sylvia Fox - November 2016

A new author that I have discovered was Sylvia Fox. I fell in love with the titles and covers and ended up getting the whole of her list. She is now someone who will be on my automatic buy list. One of my favorite erotic reads is the whole Teacher or in this case Professor/Student relationship. In Mentor Me, Professor we meet Jo/Joey aka Josephine. She has been busy studying, and her best friend Alexis tells her she needs to get laid. College boys don't interest her, though; her attraction lies in an older man - Professor John Hardwicke. The thing is though that John is old enough to be her father, he is, in fact, her Dad's best friend since their college days, and he has known Josephine all of her life including the day she was conceived. When Jo's Thanksgiving plans fall through as her parents are off on holiday, she ends up crashing with the Professor in his Cabin over the holiday break. During this time, the pair's chemistry sizzles and a forbidden sexual romance starts to brew. I have to admit, I didn't mind the whole Professor/Student romance angle but what I didn't enjoy and found hard to read as it really doesn't do anything for me is the fact that John wanted Jo to call him her Uncle John or Daddy during sex, which to me Age play is gross. When the vacation is over, will this romantic encounter be just a holiday fling or will it develop into something more? When the truths are revealed, what will Jo's family and friends think of what has happened?
Find out in Mentor Me, Professor by Sylvia Fox.  A book which has everything from Teacher/Student relationships to BDSM and Age Play with an underlining sweet romance factor.

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