Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: The Secret Life of a Witch Vol #2 - Jessica Sorensen

Think Wizards of Waverley Place with an older audience, say the 15+ audience and then you have Jessica Sorensen's series Mystic Willow Bay Witches. I have to admit; I was under the impression that this would only be a two-part series but as this book ended on a major cliffhanger, there is more to come. In this book, it's picked up with Evalee being petrified, and she wakes up in a cage alongside a hot looking demon. She feels that her best friend Hunter has betrayed her and she doesn't know what to believe especially since the demon keeps telling Evalee she is a hybrid of sorts and not just a witch.  In Volume #2 we watch as Evalee makes a deal with the demon, casts with her friend a truth and promise spell and then watches a demon drop dead beside her. Evalee though is about to get the shock of a lifetime when she discovers that everything she has ever known is one BIG FAT LIE and when she learns about the community of Mystic Willow Bay and how she is important to them all - who will she be able to trust? I have to admit I did not see that twist is coming and now I want to read the next book to find out more about Evalee's origins. The only disappointing thing about Volume #2 was the ending and the fact that the book just finished, it felt like you were reading a sentence and then halfway through the sentence it stops hard and leaves you hanging. With this cliffhanger, it leaves you hanging by a thread as there isn't a cliffhanger closure point. It's like the author got bored all of a sudden and thought I'd finish this book with an incomplete sentence. Other than though, this was a good read and I am now looking forward to Volume #3.


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