Monday, January 23, 2017

Learning Success - Hand Letters

Education for our children is important and something that we all wish to have instilled into our children. Some children though have difficulties learning and we don't wish to discourage their learning but they are bothered by the way others are taught, they get frustrated and evidently decide one day to stop learning . 

As parents, family members and educators we wish for this not to happen and Learning Success - www.learningsuccessblog.com  has created a number of different activities to help the children learn.
Some of the current activities on the site that I have tried include:

Hand Letters :

These days with the increased use of technology especially in schools and our everyday lives like Ipads and tablets. Most children start school , not knowing how to physically write their alphabets or properly form their letters.
Hand Letters was a great activity to help children understand the formation of letters and to recognise what they look like. 

What you do is - the parent/tutor gets a washable marker and forms with both hands the "L Shape" with their thumb and the finger next to it . With the washable marker , colour in the L shapes on both hands.
 Once this is done using the coloured sides, you will be able to start forming letters. Go through lower case first and with each letter, get the child to tell you what it is . If you wish to make it a little more difficult , then you can get the child to form the letter as well, by copying you. The other thing you can do , if your child is ready to move to the next level is by getting them to tell you the words. So for example, you could spell out Dad or Dog and see if the child can put the letters together to tell you that particular word.

Hand letters recognises the core concept behind multi-sensory learning is to connect different learning modalities. this exercise strongly connects the kinesthetic and the visual. Say the letter sounds with it and you've added in the auditory.

This activity also comes with a PDF file alongside the video on the site.

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