Thursday, January 26, 2017

VBT# The Cocky Thief - Mallory Crowe

One of my favorite movie series is the Oceans Eleven etc. with Ocean's Thirteen being my all-time favorite. I am a fan of reading about heists and thieves, and so when I saw this book The Cocky Thief by Mallory Crowe, I knew I had to read it. The book starts off with Austin Miles who is the best at what he does which is the extraction of goods, he leaves no trace and is at the top of everyone's list if they need something worth a lot taken. He is hired to retrieve an expensive necklace. Austin goes undercover as a lawyer and during his flight to the wedding, he meets Jennifer Murray. She happens to be the bride-to-be's daughter. The pair hit it off, and sparks fly. During the car ride to the wedding, we also meet another of Jennifer's sister Melody. Upon arrival, though, we discover that Jennifer and her family are thieves as well and that this marriage is just a set-up for her mother to steal the Dragon's necklace and of course she needs her daughters to help. The Cocky Thief reminded me of the movie The Heartbreakers which starred Jennifer Love -Hewitt which had a mother/daughter team of con-women. The Cocky Thief is filled with romantic suspense, action and adventure as we have the chemistry flowing strongly between Jennifer and Austin throughout the story and then Melody gets kidnapped , which sees the introduction of Jennifer's other sister Toni and a few of Austin's shady friends. If you love Heist novels and Romantic Suspense stories then The Cocky Thief by Mallory Crowe is the read for you.


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