Friday, January 27, 2017

VBT# Living in the Shallows - Tani Hanes

Living in the Shallows (UK Crush #1)

Review: Living in the Shallows - Book #1 The UK Crush Series - Tani Haines - October 2016

Lately, I have been reading the CL Stone series which features a reverse harem. Before this series, I wasn't sure exactly what a reverse harem meant, but after reading it, I got an idea. Living in the Shallows is also a reverse harem book. In Living in the Shallows, we meet Aileen Foster who is in her early 20's and gets a job as a translator for a band known as UK Crush. Her first meeting with the band, she is awestruck by all their good looks and their unique differences. Soon Aileen is catapulted into this world of fame except she is the one getting all the attention from the four boys as they all start to care and eventually in their ways develop feelings for her. These four guys will go out of their way for Aileen and make sure she never has to worry about a thing again. Reading this as I had the Ghost Bird Series in mind, in parts I did find myself comparing the two series and have to admit though I found this one a bit more of the New Adult stage ,  parts of it were cheesy, and also she became comfortable with the boys very quickly compared to Sang in Ghost Bird. I do admit I would have liked to see a bit more of her role as a translator rather than just focusing on Aileen's romantic and personal interests with the boys. The other thing which would have been nice would have been a bit more background about Aileen's different achievements and why she gave them up etc. as we discover she is one talented woman. Overall, however, I did find Living in the Shallows a good YA read, and if you want a Reverse Harem, Boy Bands and a novel set in Japan, then Living in the Shallows is the read for you.

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