Tuesday, January 10, 2017

VBT # Chance Encounters Boxed Set - Hedonist Six

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Beautiful Stranger (Chance Encounters #2) 

When I first had read about Hedonist Six's series Chance Encounters, I was intrigued as I love the whole idea of love at first sight and also finding love in the most unexpected places. I am a sucker for romantic tales and love stories. I think because I love them so much, I had placed a higher expectation on this book, and I was a little disappointed as to me it didn't strike me as a strong love story. Sure it had a lot of sexual activity and outdoor sex and had a small touch of romance, but overall it just didn't grab me. The book starts with the setting of it being the Ascot Horse Race weekend and Claudia is on her way home from work. She has planned for a quiet weekend until she sees a beautiful classic car and a hot silver fox -Peter which is what I imagined he looked like standing out in the rain as his car is stuck. A spur of the moment thinking, Claudia invites him back to her house and they get to know one another and she learns he has had an awful day. What follows next is a night of passion, and then he disappears back to his "real world." Months pass, and he has Claudia on his mind; he invites Claudia as his date to the races and the pair connect and realize that there is chemistry sizzling in the air and the pair finally despite their age and wealth differences start a beautiful relationship. 
If you are wanting a quick romance read that is just your usual love story with not a lot of other storyline or plot happening then Beautiful Stranger by Hedonist Six is the read for you.

Only a Taste (Chance Encounters #3)

Review: Only a Taste - Book #3 Chance Encounters - Hedonist Six - July 2015

Love can be found in the most unexpected places and develop in the most unexpected ways. For Mandi, she has one last night of freedom left before she has to head back home, move in with her family and get married off to a suitable suitor her parents have picked. That is the Indian way despite living in England and the 22nd Century. With one last day of freedom, Mandi and her best friend/roommate Alice head to Brighton Beach for the day. There they will soak up the sun, go for a swim and if you are Mandi, she will meet a handsome guy while standing in line for ice-cream. One thing leads to another, and the two share an amazing meal and night together. A night where Mandi discovers that her newfound friend is a famous TV Chef. Callum didn't come looking for love instead he was hoping to find a place for his new restaurant. A One Night stand leaves both of them falling deep and connecting with one another in a way neither has felt before. Can the pair pick up the romance again and further it deeper or will reality get in its way? Will Mandi and Callum find a way back into love or will this be just a One Night Stand for the History books? Find out in Book #3 of Hedonist Six's Chance Encounters Series.

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