Friday, January 27, 2017

Review: The Girl in 6E - A.R Torre

Needing to save money this year, I decided that I would make it my goal to go through my Kindle and E-books and read what I have as I have a helluva lot of books. Too many ones would say. This one I have had for a while now and those newbies out there A.R Torre is the pen name of the author Alessandra Torre. I have to admit; I wasn't sure what to expect with this book as for some unbeknownst reason I thought this was an airport type book and the Girl in 6E was her seat number. Don't ask me how I got that in my head LOL. Of course, when I started reading it I knew immediately that it wasn't the case and I was hooked within the first chapter. The Girl in 6E refers to her apartment where we meet Deanna aka Jess. She never leaves her apartment unless dire situations call for it, has never had an actual human contact in years, has fantasies and urges about killing people and is a Sex Cam worker. Deanna pretends to be a 19yr old college student and has made a name for herself as one of the most popular American cam workers. She has a dark past which stems from trauma in her childhood. The other storyline that runs through this book is about a guy named Ralph who is obsessed with his niece Annie and soon starts talking to Jess on her cam and asking her to pretend to be a little girl named Annie. During her cam sessions, Jess gets worried about Annie being a real person and then one day discovers that a girl named Annie has gone missing. One thing leads to another, and it seems only Jess can save her, however for this to happen she must leave her apartment? Can she build up the courage to leave her cozy comfort of 6E or will this adventure only lead to disaster and possible death?
Find out in this thrilling Erotic Romantic Suspense - The Girl in 6E by A.R Torre.

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