Friday, January 20, 2017

Review : Exiled - Jasinda Wilder

Exiled (Madame X, #3)  

Review: Exiled - Book #3 Madame X Series - Jasinda Wilder - August 2016

The story of Madame X aka Isabel continues, at the end of Book #2 we watched as Logan was shot and Caleb had taken Isabel back to his building. Isabel now has the name Jakob, and so she asks Caleb, and he reveals his truths. I have to admit I was a little disappointed with Exiled as I felt that it had strayed away from the storyline of Madame X losing her memory and why she was where she was in the first place. It did, however, bring lots of answers to questions that arose in the previous two books. We discover that Logan is barely alive and Isabel rushes by his side as she still loves him, the thing does she love him as she did sleep with Caleb. I have to admit by this book I was annoyed at Isabel as she can't distance herself away from Caleb, she keeps running back to him despite what a prick he is towards her and the lies he has told.  One of my favorite parts in this book was that Isabel visits Ellen Stardust Diner and talks about her experience there, I loved it as it made me remember the day I went there on the 29th December 2013 and watching the waitresses sing. I can still remember the taste of my meal, and it's where I had the most delicious fries called waffle fries. Isabel it is discovered is pregnant with twins but whose babies are there? Are they Caleb's or Logan's? I did love the twist with the pregnancy at the end as it made the story more interesting. The other thing was that I was finally relieved in the ending that Caleb made the right decision. To me Exiled's last few chapters had a Twitch/ Raw feel to the book - Think Bella Aurora. This is one book I would say only for readers to read if they have read the whole Madame X series and felt that they desperately need a conclusion fix.


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