Monday, January 30, 2017

Review: Knight and Dey - Joy Wood

Knight and Dey

Review: Knight and Dey - Joy Wood - November 2016

When I first saw this book, the title reminded me of the movie starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz - Knight and Day. Like the movie, it got me wondering whether the main characters surnames were Knight and Dey. The book started out quite innocently with Kathryn Knight who is a head nurse at St. Anne's, married to Philip and been in a committed relationship. Kathryn visits Rosa who supposedly has a psychic side and tells Kathryn she will be the mother of three babies and a man will leave her and a new one will come along. Happily married and not seeing children in her future, she is left unsettled.  Enter Finley Dey; he is a surgeon come to St. Anne's for a new beginning from Holland as his wife and son were killed in an accident. He is also the brother of Kathryn's best friend, Elsie. Here, I thought that this book would be a romance between the two but then what follows will be a story filled with different angles from spousal cheating to Affairs to Stalkers and secrets to eventually murder and death. Knight and Dey was a book that I didn't see panning out the way it did and has something for every reader. In a way, I was happy how the story ended but felt a few of the storylines were left unanswered and left the reader with more questions after the final page had ended.  If you are in the mood for a bit of romantic suspense and hospital drama, then check out Knight and Dey by Joy Wood.


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