Thursday, January 19, 2017

Review: Cross the Line - James Patterson

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Cross the Line: (Alex Cross #24)

Review: Cross the Line - Book #24 Alex Cross Series - James Patterson - November 2016

First off I do have to confess, I am a James Patterson fan and love his books. Some I can get into, and others tend to fail by not capturing my attention. One of the series I have always seemed to enjoy is the Alex Cross books. However, after the amazing one Cross Justice, I wasn't sure how this would compare. One of the things that I don't really like about mystery and crime books is that sometimes the plot can become quite busy which leaves the reader feeling like they are wading through muddy waters trying to connect all the dots and for me. Cross the Line was a very busy book as we had three different crime angles going from the first people breaking road rules being shot by a motorcycle driver, a cop and his girlfriend are killed in a shop. Then we have several drug house massacres, a hostage situation with a paranoid meth-head who is also a gangster and then to add it up we have someone trying to set up an ex-military. Everything just felt all over the place for me to enjoy. The things I did love about this book though was that we were reunited with Alex Cross's old FBI partner Ned Mahoney.Nana finally won her lotto after all these years and the fact that we got to spend some time with the Cross Kid's as I love seeing their stories as much or even more so than Alex Cross's murder investigations. If you love James Patterson's series of Alex Cross than this is the read for you. If you are only starting out on Alex Cross, then I would suggest going back to where it all began instead of picking up Book #24.

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