Friday, January 27, 2017

VBT# Dirty Secret - Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert

Dirty Secret

Review: Dirty Secret - Book #2 Dirty Series - Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert - January 2017

After loving Dirty Work by Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Dirty Secret as I loved the first book so much and though this one shies away from the political side of things, it was just as good maybe even more so as Dirty Secret is a jam-packed adventurous novel that delves into the world of undercover work and hackers. I also learned a new subset of hackers as I knew about the Black/White but not the Grey. Grey hackers are the Robin Hoods of the computer world. In Dirty Secret, we are reunited with Kennedy who was Reagan's half-sister, and we briefly met her in the first book when Reagan's Dad was exposed to his other family which included Kennedy and her brother. Kennedy has been working as an undercover agent for Greenlight, thanks to her new brother-in-law Jude Titan. Her current assignment as her undercover as a known crime lord's girlfriend but soon her attention will be diverted when a new player comes to the scene - Phoenix Ash. Phoenix is a computer hacker and amazing at what he does; there is also some chemistry sizzling between Kennedy and Phoenix. What will happen though when the lines between Agent and Mark start to blur? Has Kennedy lost her chance of happiness when true identities are revealed? What will happen when Kennedy's Dirty Secret can no longer stay hidden and has to be aired? One thing, I will have to say is that when it comes to Book Boyfriends - Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert have it down to a T as you just can't but help to fall in love with their male lead characters. Every time I read one of their books; I end up adding more Book Boyfriends to my list. If you love Hackers, Cyber Crimes, Spies, Adventure and a Hot Male Lead then check out Dirty Secret by Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert today.


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