Friday, January 20, 2017

VBT# Hollywood Honkytonk - Mia Hopkins

Hollywood Honkytonk (Kings of California, #2)

Review: Hollywood Honkytonk - Book #2 Kings of California Series - Mia Hopkins - January 2017
You know how often book titles can be a little deceiving? That's what I found about this book as I was expecting with a title called Hollywood Honkytonk that we would have a Country Music themed romance set in Hollywood or find a Hollywood star in the heart of Nashville. Though Hollywood Honkytonk does have a Hollywood Heartthrob and a Music teacher/singer who does have an affinity for the country music. Ten years ago, best friends Riley and Jack were graduating high school and getting ready for their lives. Jack was headed out of their small town of Oleander and asked Riley to come with him. She turned down him as the timing just wasn't right. I had wondered here if she was pregnant as sometimes that could give a good twist to the story. Turns out, though, it was another guy - a jerk too Tommy Blake. Riley ended up married to Tommy, and they had an unhealthy marriage which now ten years later has ended in a divorce and Riley trying to hide from Tommy as he can't take NO for an answer. Riley ends up in LA and gets a job working for a school as their new Music Teacher. The school has ties to both Jack and Riley. Jack is now a big Hollywood star and seeing Riley again has sparked his schoolboy crush and love for Riley. This time he won't let her get away that easily, but can Riley handle the Hollywood Viper nests that come with Jack's life? Or will she find herself doubting herself that she will be the right person for Jack's Hollywood life? Will Riley get the encouragement needed to finally go after her dreams and become the next Hollywood Honkytonk or will her music talents be restricted to the classroom?
Find out in Mia Hopkin's new book in the Kings of California series "Hollywood Honkytonk."

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