Friday, February 10, 2017

Review: Coach - Alexa Riley

Coach (Breeding, #1)

Review: Coach - Book #1 Breeding Series - Alexa Riley - September 2015

Lately, a theme in books that seems to be doing the rounds is the whole Older Man/ Younger Woman theme, and Alexa Riley's Coach is another in that area. I have to admit I am a fan of Alexa Riley's books as she was the first smutty author I discovered. In Coach, we meet Chris who has retired from his stint in the NFL and decided to move back home. Chris is currently building a house around the corner from his friends and working as the new Coach of the Football team at the local college. While his house is being built, he is staying with his old college buddy Peter and his family which include their 18 yr old daughter Megan. As you can guess Megan still holds her V-card and it seems her attention is focused on Chris and the pair have sex and in Coach hence the title Breeding - it is the "I want you to have my baby sex." What will happen though when the pair get a bit more serious and an ex-girlfriend of Chris's turn up? Can he prove to Megan, that he is all hers and nobody else? What will the school think when they discover the Coach is sleeping with a student and more importantly what will the reaction of Megan's parents be? Find out in Book #1 of Alexa Riley's Breeding series - Coach.


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