Friday, February 10, 2017

Review: Command Me - Geneva Lee

Command Me (Royals Saga, #1)

Review: Command Me - Book #1 Royals Saga - Geneva Lee - May 2014

What does a bookworm do when it has a week holiday with no internet? It reads its ebooks and backlist of older titles. I was in the mood for a Royalty book and had to Command Me sitting on my Kindle to read for a while now. I had a feeling it was going to be a bit raunchy but have to admit it took a different spin than I had originally thought the series would. We first meet best friends Bella and Carla. They are finally graduating Oxford and have their break-up party. Bella is engaged to Philip who I have to admit I hated and I was kind of hoping that in this book he would do something like cheat on Bella or do something awful so she could dump him as she could do way better than him. Carla Bishop, on the other hand, is single, and her life has been looking up since she has struggled quite a bit in the past with eating disorders and domineering partners. During the party, she ends up in witty banter with one of the party-goers, and it eventuates to a quick snog. Carla doesn't think anything of the event, but the next day it is all over the papers as the guy she snogged turned out to be someone famous - Alexander the Crown Prince and next in line for King. One thing leads to another, and the pair has this on/off relationship where throughout the whole book it is like one step forward and two steps backward. The sex scenes in Command Me are quite raunchy as Alexander is into BDSM and plays the role of a Dom. I have to admit; I had hoped that Command Me would have the type of ending where Alexander would stand up to his father but it took a different route. I am interested though in seeing whether Carla and Alexander will feature in any of the other books in the series or whether this was just one of those flings since Carla refuses to become a mistress and have a relationship in secret.

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