Friday, February 3, 2017

Review: The Evolution of Ivy : Poison - Lauren Campbell

The Evolution of Ivy: Poison (The Evolution of Ivy, #1)

Review: The Evolution of Ivy : Poison - Book #1 Evolution of Ivy Series - Lauren Campbell - January 2017

Ever since I first saw this book with the blurb and the cover reveal, it has been on my to-read list. I just had a feeling that I would love it and I did. The only downside for me was that darn cliffhanger; I was like Noooooo !! when the book ended as now I have to wait for the next one to be released and I'm not sure when that will be.  The book starts with Ivy Hobbs learning that the love of her life Brooks is engaged to Eliza. Ivy and Brooks have always had a connection, but in 8th Grade, Eliza caused an accident which broke Ivy's nose, and it never fixed itself properly. Her classmates called her Shrek and her life was terrible. Now with her parents dead and her grandmother passed, Ivy inherits millions of dollars and becomes wealthy almost overnight. She decides that to be happy, Brooks needs to be hers, and now with the money, she can become beautiful. Ivy spends millions on surgery and changes her name to Emily. Due to Eliza's Facebook page, she follows her and befriends her. Soon Emily becomes embroiled in Brooks and Eliza's life, and now her plan to break them up and be together can work, but its going to take a lot from Emily's side as Eliza has her claws stuck in tight on Brooks. I actually hoped that Brooks would finally get with Ivy as I hated Eliza's character. The ending of The Evolution of Ivy was not what I expected, but I did love the way it played out and now I can't wait for Book #2 where I kind of hope Emily's true identity will be revealed . If you love psychological fiction with a romantic suspense element and reading the lengths people will go to be with the one that they love and believe are their soulmates. This is definitely a book that everyone should add to their 2017 reading lists as you will not be disappointed with Lauren Campbell's debut novel The Evolution of Ivy.

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