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Review: Grin and Beard It - Penny Reid

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Grin and Beard It (Winston Brothers, #2)

Review: Grin and Beard It - Book #2 Winston Brothers Series - Penny Reid - May 2016

As someone who has the uncanny knack of reading books and in particular series , it won't come to readers as a shock when I admit that this is another series that somehow I had managed to bypass book #2 and yes, I have read Book #1 and #3. In Grin and Beard It , we meet Jethro Winston. He was the oldest brother who got into most of the trouble and was definitely his father's son growing up and almost went the Iron Maiden life until he was knocked some sense to after nearly ripping his family apart just as his father had done to them. In Grin and Beard It , Jethro is now a Park Ranger and keeping the roads clear and it seems that a female is lost on their roads. Doing his duty, he assists her and to her suprise he doesn't recognise her as a the A-lister celebrity she is. This starts their friendship as she knows it's a true friendship and the pair hit it off. What will happen though when Jethro discovers her true identity and soon his whole life including his past comes to light and could ruin Sienna's reputation and cost her , her Hollywood Dream ? Being the gentleman that his momma raised him to be, Jethro puts her before himself but in doing so will this cause Sienna to believe that he doesn't love her and a whole trail of miscommunication and hurt begins . Can the pair sort out their emotions and feelings before it is too late and the pressure of Hollywood pull them apart ? I have to admit out of the three brothers that I have read so far, Jethro wasn't one of my favourites.  Readers , I am a Cletus girl hands down.  If you are a fan of Penny Reid , then this is one book that like her others you will not want to miss.

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