Thursday, February 2, 2017

Review: Ignite Me, Fireman - Sylvia Fox

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Ignite Me, Fireman

Review: Ignite Me , Fireman - Sylvia Fox - December 2016

After reading Mentor Me, Professor and discovering it a bit too much for me as it contained Age Play. I was a little hesitant to read Ignite Me, Fireman but am glad I did as compared to Mentor Me, Professor; this was much more of a romance book and also played out more realistically as one could imagine if this situation could occur.  Poppy has always been a good girl and not breaking the rules, with her parents away she decides to have a few friends around. What started as an innocent group of friends having a good time ends up in a full-blown party. One thing leads to another, and the house is soon engulfed in flames. Enter Blaze Marshall - an appropriate name for a firefighter. Blaze is also Poppy's fathers best friend. Being the good friend, he offers Poppy to stay with him at his cabin until her parents get back. Poppy has always had a crush on Blaze and feels like her dreams have come true. During her stay, her dreams come true as the pair start a romantic relationship. What will happen though when reality hits and Poppy must now face her parents? Was this just a fling or is there something more brewing? Of course, Poppy's father reacts like any Dad would when they discover their best friend sleeping with their daughter and separates the pair. Though we all know that true love can't be extinguished like a fire and that if they are meant to be, they will always find a way.  Will Poppy's parents ever accept Blaze dating their daughter or can this just stay a passing attraction? 
Find out in Ignite Me, Fireman who was a Sweet Older Man/ Younger Woman romance set with the perfect backdrop of a mountain cabin and snow.
 It can't get any more romantic than that, can it?


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