Thursday, February 2, 2017

VBT# Tell Me A Fantasy - Tamara Lush

Tell Me a Fantasy (The Story Series #6)

Review: Tell Me A Fantasy - #Episode Six The Story Series - Tamara Lush - January 2017

I loved this series which the previous five books were written as a serial featuring Emma and Caleb. Episode #6 takes us into the life of Caleb's brother Colin King and is set after the return of Caleb after he went missing. It seems since the last book that Colin has grown up a bit and put his playboy ways behind him and taking more responsibility with the King Company. Tell Me A Fantasy starts on a plane ride in first class where we meet Sam C who is afraid of flying and a recluse. She is also a famous fashion designer and on her way to London as she is receiving the lifetime award for her contribution to the fashion world by Karl Lagerfield. She has everything planned out so that they won't be any mishaps. Life, however, isn't like that as we all know as their plane is routed to Iceland and she arrives without her luggage and all the hotels are booked out. Great for someone who suffers from high anxiety. Enter Colin King, he is Sam's seat partner on the flight and was headed to help broker a deal. There are sparks flying between the two, and while stuck in Iceland, the pair will become closer but what will happen when the night of Sam's achievement arrives, and Colin isn't there. Sam automatically assumes the worst, and the pair goes their separate ways, and without contact as for Sam, she has shut everyone who can hurt her out of her life. Enter Emma King, known for her display of romantic gestures and being the Queen of Romance and HEA's comes up with a plan. Will her plan end in an HEA for Colin and Sam or will it end with more disaster as Sam has surrounded her heart with walls and will do anything to avoid feeling hurt once again?
 The Story Series is one of my favorites as I am all about Stories and HEA’s  and the connections that come with true love and romance.  For those who have read the previous five, I found Episode #6 to be longer compared to the others and felt more like an actual novella to a novel size rather than part of the serial which normally indicates a quicker read.

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