Monday, January 2, 2017

Review: 1983: Cruel Summer - Amber Lynn Natusch

1983: Cruel Summer (Love in the 80s #4)

Review: 1983: Cruel Summer - Book #4 Love in the 80's Series - Amber Lynn Natusch - April 2016

Travel back to the year of 1983 with Bananarama and their hit song "Cruel Summer" and with Amber Lynn Natusch as she brings us Book #4 in the Love in the 80's series. Isadora aka Izzy Lancaster has always felt like she never fitted anywhere in the small town where she grew up and only had one set of ties in the town - her boyfriend, Jason. Not having spent a lot of time with Jason lately, Izzy has decided to skip her family's vacation to Europe to spend it at home in Johnsonville and see Jason. However, it will become a Cruel summer for Izzy as she walks in on her boyfriend having sex with someone that isn't obviously her. Needing a distraction, her old friend Wendy offers her a job as a lifeguard. Izzy reluctantly takes the job, and to her dismay, she sees the one person she had hoped to avoid - Braxton. He was the one guy she loved and cared about, and he broke her after they had one amazing night together. One day he was there as her best friend in the world and the next he was gone out of her life. Izzy has never forgiven Braxton for hurting her, and we are about to discover that Braxton had a reason for his past actions but wants Izzy's forgiveness and hopefully a second chance at romance? Will Braxton be able to turn Izzy's Cruel Summer into a Summer of Happiness? Why not tune into your boombox and check out 1983: Cruel Summer by Amber Lynn Natusch. 

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