Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Borrowing Abby Grace - Teacher's Pet -Kelly Green

Have you been following the Backlit collection ? Have you read Books#1 and #2 of the Borrowing Abby Grace series that I reviewed on The Phantom Paragrapher ?
Get ready for the 3rd installment known as two titles "Teacher's Pet" or "Top of The Class".
Review: Top of the Class - Book #3 Borrowing Abby Grace series - Kelly Green - December 2011
I have found myself enjoying the Borrowing Abby Grace trilogy as I love body shifting novels , one that I read recently that was awesome was Shift by Em Bailey. Unlike the previous two books in the Borrowing Abby Grace series, this one is more interesting as Abby doesn't just shift into another body but unlike her previous two which have been female , Abby is about to shift into a body of a teenage boy named Eric. This made me laugh as it reminded me of the film "The Hot Guy" with a mix of the Reese Witherspoon film "The Graduate" as Eric has a secret girlfriend and if it was to get out both him , but more his girlfriend would be in deep deep trouble -like cops trouble as it turns out his girlfriend is one of his teacher's Miss Rogers which puts a whole new spin on Teacher's Pet. In Teacher's Pet , we read as Eric is accused of breaking and entering and changing the scores on his exams - his fingerprints are all over the crime scene , is somebody trying to set Eric up and has it got something to do with his bit on the side in extra-curricular activities ? Meanwhile as Abby continues to be Eric we read as she gets a little bit closer to her guide Will - Will Abby and Will have a chance at a romance together or is it impossible when Abby never really knows until the very last second if she will ever get out of the body she has borrowed ?
Find out more in Book #3 of Borrowing Abby Grace series by Kelly Green.

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