Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review: Katniss the Cattail - Valerie Frankel

OMG I cannot wait for the movie to come out , not long now as the world patiently waits for March 23rd 2012 and then it will be like Twilight Saga Who ? and Hello Hunger Games Trilogy.
Of course, with popular series comes books written about the series and today's review is titled
"Katniss the Cattail"
Review : Katniss The Cattail - Valerie Frankel - 2012
Are you a Hunger Games fan ? Holding the edge of your seat as the Hunger Game movie's release dates comes closer and closer with only just over two weeks to go :). I so cannot wait, I think for myself I have to explain my experience with the Hunger Games as I was introduced to them a few years ago with the release of the very first book "The Hunger Games" , I saw it coming and going from work and I thought hmmmm... I'll have to read that, so I picked it up and found that no matter how hard I tried , I could not get into it at all -so that was that , I put it back with no intention on picking it up again. However, that was to be short-lived as I soon discovered that the book was too be made into film as I sat back at the movies and witnessed the trailer and OMG it looked so great , so I decided Ok, I'll give the book another go and guesss what readers ..... I LOVED IT and soon I was hooked just like that on the Hunger Games and from that stemmed me wanting to read everything dystopian that I could get my hands on and then of course like I did with Twilight, read everything related to The Hunger Games trilogy which of course included Valerie's book "Katniss the Cattail" - this book is a non-fiction novel and is great to have as a reference guide to accompany the Hunger Games as Valerie has broken down the book and delved deeper into the meanings of the characters names e.g Katniss is a plant that is sometimes called an arrowhead which was used to explain in the connection to being amazing at archery. Arrow= Archery. It also talked about all the symbols e.g Bread - the bread that Peeta gave Katniss when she was five years old. It was really amazing to discover the amount of detail that Suzanne Collins went to into deciding the characters for the book and after you read Valerie Frankel's Katniss The Cattail ,you will have such a deeper understanding and knowledge of The Hunger Games Trilogy.

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