Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Practice Cake - Dayla Moon

Looking for a nice light-hearted novel , one that shows us that sometimes what we believe is the best thing for us ,doesn't always turn out that way ?
Review: Practice Cake - Dalya Moon - October 2011
Meet Maddie Bird , one day a Checkout Operator asking customers "paper or plastic?" and the next day working as a Bakery Assistant at Angelo's. What started off as a new career move ended up being a whole lot of firsts for Maddie.  The first is Drew , her co-worker - he is hot, handsome and can bake . Even though Maddie has a boyfriend already called Parker , she can't help but feel drawn to Drew and starts to wonder whether it is possible to have a love triangle like they do in the movies - think Edward, Bella and Jacob or Peeta, Katniss and Gale.  We read as Maddie struggles to come up with the right decisions regarding her love life with advice coming from her best friend Dave (who's a girl). The next first is another major that could change Maddie's life as the Bakery becomes part of a reality TV show , Can Maddie handle the public pressure or will Maddie start to turn into a Jane from Lauren Conrad's "LA Candy" series ? The major twist at the end of the story is though as we see Drew and Maddie leaving the airport to fly to Australia together , will Maddie leave with her so-called Prince Charming or will she discover last-minute what the real "Drew" is like ?
A fun , light-hearted story about life after High School and the perils of Growing Up and that sometimes making the right decision for yourself can be the hardest choice ever.

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