Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Turn of Mind - Alice LaPlante

Looking for a murder mystery with a difference ? One that is seemly out of the box ?
Review: Turn of Mind - Alice LaPlante - July 2011
Starting with covers as all those who read my blog will know that I am definitely a sucker for an amazing cover , personally I love the one in the middle but I would put the one on the far right which was the cover I had recieved as my second choice .
When I got this book to review, I wasn't sure on how I would find it as I didn't really have an idea what it was about but once I started the first page -I was hooked , it was such an amazing read that captivates you from the very first page and is one of those books that will definitely get your brain whirling into gear as the story goes along.
Turn of Mind follows the story of an elderly woman named Amanda who has been found murdered with her fingers severed , the prime suspect is another older women Dr. Jennifer White , a former surgeon and now suffering Dementia. Turn of Mind follows the events of the discovery of Amanda's body and how the police believe that Jennifer committed the crime but how do you get the correct evidence and the truth from somebody who is suffering from alzhemiers and does not know on a daily basis what year , day or month it is ?
Turn of Mind will keep readers on their toes as they quickly turn from page to page trying to find out whether Jennifer is innocent or not and if she is then who really killed Amanda and is willing to let Jennifer take the fall ?
A great story that I recommend all should read and what I really enjoyed about the timing that I read this was that I had just finished watching an episode on Body of Proof where Detective Bud and Sam had thought that Henry- who had a dementia disorder killed his best friend Joe.

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