Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Firelight - Sophie Jordan

Looking for a new Teen fiction to read ? Something that holds the Supernatural World with our modern everyday existence ? Are you a fan of Dragons or as they are known in this book "Draki" ?
Review: Firelight - Sophie Jordan - September 2010
I've had Firelight on my TBR List for a wee while and I finally got around this weekend to reading it and I enjoyed it. I didn't really have a full idea what it was about but I did have some thoughts that it may be a supernatural type novel with a hint of a love story.
Firelight is the first in a series for teens written by Sophie Jordan and focuses mainly on Jacinda who is what is called a "draki" , they are dragons which have the power to morph into human form. Jacinda's father was a draki and her mother was one but turned her back on it as she didn't want to remain draki. Jacinda's twin sister Tamara also missed out on the draki genes and though half-draki, half-human she is completely mortal. Jacinda is the first fire-breather born into the draki family, she is the pride's joy. When Jacinda's mum discovers that they are planning on clipping Jaci's wings , she does what's best for the family. She moves them out to where no-one can find them and encourages Jacinda to help "kill" the draki inside of her. Jaci and Tamara start school and soon Jaci runs into Will - a draki hunter , he was the one who saved her in the prologue, yet he doesn't realise that she is draki and soon begins a forbidden romance as Jaci tries to hide her true identity. What will happen when Will and his family of hunters find out the truth about Jacinda and Tamara and her family and are they safe from the pride when the Alpha's son finds them ?
Find out in "Firelight" by Sophie Jordan and stay tuned for my review of "Vanish".

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  1. When Jacinda manifested into her draki form in front of a group of hunters in order to save Will's life, she not only put herself in danger, but also exposed the most treasured secret of her kind. To keep she and her family safe, Jacinda must return to her pride with Cassian, the boy she is to be bonded to, leaving Will behind.


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