Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Dark Frost - Jennifer Estep

Have you been following the tales of Gwen Frost by Jennifer Estep with her series "Mythos Academy" ? I have been loving this series and now just finishing the 3rd book - I have to wait till January 2013 for the 4th book Crimson Frost to be released.
Review: Dark Frost - Book #3 Mythos Academy Series - Jennifer Estep- May 2012
Just finishing the 2nd book , I was so excited when I looked on Netgalley and discovered that the 3rd book was avaliable for review . I am so loving the tale of Gwen Frost and Mythos Academy and reading books #1 and #2 , I needed more. In my opinion , I would have to say out of all three books , Dark Frost is definitely the most action-packed filled to the brim with adventure and gasping moments that will stop your heart for a moment or two as you hold your breath in anticpation for what is going to occur next. The novel goes right into action with Daphne, Carson , Gwen and Logan and other Mythos Academy students all checking out the local Museum as part of a school assignment when all of a sudden the museum is attacked by Reapers . In the aftermath of this , we say goodbye to a few characters that were featured in the first two books and one of those will have you hoping what is going to happen next.  Dark Frost is the novel in which we come to realise the full extent of not only Gwen's powers but also of her Valkryie friend Daphne and we read as Gwen is reunited with her odd pal Nott the Ferria Wolf. In Dark Frost , the Reapers want the Dagger and this time aren't giving up easily and will not stop at anything to get it , even if it means hurting the people Gwen loves the most.
In the end of this book, it leaves us in a cliffhanger moment as a sneak peek into the 4th book has Gwen being put under arrest - this made me scream as I'm like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as I now have to wait till January 2013 to find out what happens.

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