Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Switched - Amanda Hocking

Who remembers the cute little troll dolls with the crazy hair and belly button pierced with a jewel ? I used to have a couple of these dolls , I decided to place a picture of them as today's book makes a mention of the little troll dolls.
Review: Switched - The Trylle Trilogy Book #1 - Amanda Hocking - January 2012
What would you be like if you discovered your whole life was a lie and that everything that had happened when you were younger now made sense instead of being pushed aside as craziness ?
For Wendy Everly , ever since she was six years old and her mother tried to kill her , claiming she wasn't the child she gave birth to. Life has been difficult , moving from state to state and town to town with her aunt and brother Matt. Fast-forward Eleven years later and now Wendy is starting a new school and there is a guy capturing her attention in a creepy way - Finn Holmes. However, Finn is about to deliver Wendy the shock of her life , she is in fact a trylle changeling and now she has to return back to their village . When she was born , she was switched and raised in the human world whilst the baby that she was switched with was raised in the world of Trylle's which translates into Trolls. Wendy is not just any ordinary Trylle though , she is in fact the heir to the throne and the time has come for her to claim her rightful place as Princess of the Trylle tribe.  Can Wendy though easily transfer her life from human world to Trylle or will she choose to remain in the mortal world ?
Stay tuned as I read and bring you Book #2 "Torn".
This book reminded me of "The Replacement" by Breanna Yovanoff and "Spellbound" by Cara Lynn Schultz.

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  1. Hmm, it seems pretty derivative - I've read this sort of story before in YA.

    -An old follower dropping by!
    Dee from e-Volving Books


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