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Review: Ghost of a Threat - Beth Dolgner + Guest Post with Beth Dolgner

Looking for a ghost story ? Into Ghost-hunting ?
Review: Ghost of a Threat - Book #1 Betty Boo Ghost Hunter Books - Beth Dolgner - January 2012
Ever since first discovering the TV series "Ghost Whisperer" , I've become more and more interested in these ghost hunting novels -obsessed with tv shows like Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural and Medium . Though when I think about it , even when I was little I loved Ghost solving movies like Ghostbusters and one that used to play on TV called "Ghost Writer".
Ghost of a Threat is the first book in a new series by Beth Dolgner called the "Betty Book Ghost Hunter" , I loved the character's name because it reminded me of Betty Boop . In Ghost of a threat we meet Betty Boo who runs the ghost hunting business in Savannah. When she is called to investigate a haunting in Thunderbolt , she packs up and arrives only to find that the client as also phoned her arch-rival Carter who has turned his ghost business into a media frenzy and is in it more for the money rather than helping the people. At first, the haunting seems a little suspicious as it's only been happening a few nights and as the nights progress it seems someone is definitely up to something as Carter's team is injured and odd things are happening. When Betty meets Maxwell who claims to be a Demon , is she going crazy or are there really demons like there are ghosts and if so what has demons got to do with this haunting ? Soon Betty finds herself heavily involved in a world of crazy haunts, ghosts and demons and what happens when Betty starts to fall Maxwell - the demon ?
Find out in "Ghost of a Threat" by Beth Dolgner

The Real Spirits of Savannah, GA
In Savannah, Georgia, which proclaims itself “America’s Most Haunted City,” truth is often stranger than fiction. I turned to Savannah’s true ghost stories for inspiration when I wrote Ghost of a Threat, which is the first book in my Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter paranormal romance series. The series follows the adventures of Betty “Boo” Boorman, who works with The Savannah Spirit Seekers as a paranormal investigator.
And no matter how outrageous, few ghost stories can compare with the mystery of 432 Abercorn Street in Savannah. Two legends are told about the house, which has stood since 1868, and there are plenty of reports of paranormal activity.
One of those legends deals with the house’s first owner, General Benjamin J. Wilson. Allegedly, the General caught his daughter playing with children who were “beaneath” them in social standing. He punished her by tying her to a chair in the front window of the living room. The summer sun beat down through the panes of glass, and the little girl suffered from dehydration and heat stroke. Eventually, the little girl died, still tied to the chair.
Today, tourists capture photos of a little girl’s face peering out of the window, even though no one lives in the house. As for the General, his profile can be seen in the pale pink stucco of the house’s exterior. His gaze is turned away from the window where his dear daughter died.
The second legend says that three children were brutally murdered in the house in 1959. The murder was never solved.
As if those stories weren’t enough, 432 Abercorn also sits on top of an old slave burial ground. And, as bewildered utility workers once discovered while digging in the area, there are plenty of bodies still resting there.
People experience a wide range of paranormal activity at the house. Many say they get a feeling of dread, or even evil, just walking past it. Tourists often report malfunctioning cameras or, in extreme cases, smoking cameras. Those whose cameras continue working often produce odd faces, mists and lights in pictures.
A friend of mine drove past the house one night. Although it has been vacant for years, she saw lights on in the top floor and the silhouette of a man in a window. When she looked again, the house was dark and vacant, as usual. Recently, someone else contacted me to report seeing the same phenomenon!
What is the “real” story behind 432 Abercorn Street? Many of its secrets continue to elude researchers, but there’s no denying that it is one of Savannah’s most mysterious haunted houses. It also provides great inspiration for my own writing. Who knew a house could be a muse?
 Beth Dolgner is the author of the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter paranormal romance series. Book one, Ghost of a Threat, is now available in e-book format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. Keep up with Beth at

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