Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Walking with Justice - Dr. Molli Marti

Looking for some heavy reading ? Aiming for Inspiration ?
Review: Walking with Justice - Molli Marti - January 2012
When I first saw the title of this book , I thought hmmm it's going to be another memoir about somebody's life and to do with the trials and tribulations that they have been through, maybe something to do with getting justice etc. However, Walking with Justice did have a theme of that running through as it tells us about Dr.Molli Marti and her experience with working in the Justice field but what stood this book out from the rest was that it contained words of advice , lessons that we can all attune to our lives - it appealed to us that no matter what situation we are in , we can read Walking with Justice and be like - OMG I can do that.
Judge’s life stands as a reminder that each day we write our eulogy. We continue shaping our legacy until our final day. It is the choices we make in the little things, when no one is watching, that set our course. We can choose good or evil, love or hatred, generosity or selfishness.
Marti shares how she lost her way when she left her mentor’s side, and how the ageless wisdom of his spiritual and professional teachings gave her a second chance to maneuver the busyness of life. In returning to Judge’s lessons and guidance on how to live, you walk a path of self discovery with Marti that that will infuse your life with new meaning.An emotionally rich recount of a wise mentor’s unique philosophy, Walking with Justice is a spiritually nourishing testament to living intentionally.
Though, this book shares with us the trials and tribulations that Dr. Mollie Marti went through from the transistion of her mentor to the big wide world , we can adapt this knowledge to any mentor that we may come across along our paths whether it be in careers, education ,life or love.

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