Saturday, January 13, 2018

Review: Grace - Adelle Laudan

Grace: Women of Strength Series

Review: Grace - Women of Strength Series - Adelle Laudan - January 2013
Christmas time for Grace is always a hard time as five years ago she lost not only her parents but also her fiance - the man she loved in a house fire which she was the lone survivor. Every time Christmas comes around; Grace has nightmares and flashbacks to that moment of watching them burn alive and be carried out in body bags. She also avoids fireplaces. Newcomer Justin has just gained custody of his sixteen-year-old niece as her parents have just died in a car accident. Justin's niece happens to be deaf due to a boating accident and also doesn't speak as her friends made fun of her and so she stopped speaking completely. It also happens to be Christmas time and Grace is asked a favour via a friend if she can help Justin with Mykaela . On their way home from the airport, their car turns upside down, and they have an accident themselves. They are found by a good Samaritan named Mr. C who takes them back to his house and helps them heal and even with a bit of magic get back into the Christmas Spirit. Is this the year Grace will finally be able to move on and fall in love with not only another man but also renew her love of Christmas? Find out in Grace - a Women of Strength novella by Adelle Laudan and a good Christmas time read.

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