Saturday, January 13, 2018

Review: #Selfie - Cambria Hebert

#Selfie (Hashtag, #4)

Review: #Selfie - Book #4 The Hashtag Series - Cambria Hebert -  May 2015

We have now finished with Rimmel #Nerd and Romeo's #Jock love story which spanned the first three novels in the #Hashtag series. Book #4 moves onto Romeo's best friend and Rimmel's BFF and BBFL Braeden and Ivy. Braeden is the type of guy who is normally a tap and goes, a fan of one night stands and no attachments. He also has a love/hate relationship with Rimmel's best friend Ivy. It isn't until their time spent together on Spring Break that he starts to realize that there is chemistry between him and Ivy and just maybe she is his Rimmel. His forever girl. However, like any relationship and especially one that A) involves a player and B) starts off with love but mainly hate relationship it will take time actually to get the other person. The other obstacles standing in their way though is Trent and Missy. Trent - another football star and frat brother is into Ivy, and of course Missy - whose Ivy's friend is into Braeden and then there is the Boy/Girl Code that is always in the back of our minds when it comes to friends and who likes who. Will Braeden finally get his girl? Will he stand by Ivy when she is called a #slut by the #BuzzBoss ? Also we read as Braeden hacks into the #BuzzBoss server and discovers the identity of #BuzzBoss ? It did however get me wondering after reading it , to whether in fact the person is actually #BuzzBoss or if this is like #GossipGirl with the reveal being a fake #BuzzBoss ? This is one series I have been enjoying and have made it one of my 2018 Reading Goals to finish the #Hashtag Series.

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