Monday, January 1, 2018

Review: #Hater - Cambria Hebert

#Hater (Hashtag, #2)

Review: #Hater - Book #2 Hashtag Series - Cambria Hebert - January 2015
For the past week, I decided to make a goal and try and clear some of my old books from my reading devices. A series I had, had since it was released was the Hashtag series by Cambria Hebert. So my second book for 2018 is Book #2 in the series - #Hater.
At the end of Book #1, we read that Romeo and Rimmel's relationship was standing strong and going well. Romeo, however, had a beef with someone on campus, Zach. He managed to get him dethroned from his role as Omega Frat's president and arrested. If it weren't for his daddy, he would have been kicked out of Alpha U.  Rimmel is back for the new semester after heading home for Winter Break. It looks like Zach isn't very happy that Romeo and Rimmel are still together and now he will stop at nothing to have Romeo ruined even if that means destroying the one thing he loves - Rimmel. During this book, Romeo's family makes more of an appearance, and it seems that his Mum and Dad are taking a slow liking to Rimmel which is great. That is until the very end of the book with the major cliffhanger news, and I was at that moment angry at Romeo's mother as it's like Come On, do you seriously think Rimmel knew the truth ?? She loves your family and Romeo. With this ending, it does make you wonder if the happy couple can continue being a #CinderellaStory #Nerd and #Jock #HEA in Book #3 #Player or will this be the end of their college romance? #Hater did get edgier and gritty as it does deal with #Hate and #Revenge and #Vengefulness. I am now looking forward to continuing this series into 2018.

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