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Review: Nala - Adelle Laudan

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Nala (Women of Strength)

Review: Nala - Women of Strength Series - Adelle Laudan - November 2014
Nala lives in an Indian village called Lakoda in Canada; she was born with a birthmark on her cheek. In her village, many of the females are married by a certain age and if not they become outcasts. For Nala as the eldest daughter, she is fearful of becoming forever alone just like her name means. With her younger sister's wedding coming up, Nala is possible without a date as her latest arrangement ended up with him calling her a Windego. One day though Nala sees a guy looking at her and feels a spark, the next day he is gone. Did she dream him or is he real? Over the next course of the days, she will catch glimpses and once she accepts that she is truly beautiful and a Woman of Strength, the guy is known as Thunder reveals himself to Nala, and the HEA comes with him asking for her hand in marriage. This part made me swoon, and I was so overjoyed for Nala as she deserved it more than anyone to have someone truly accept her for who she is as a whole, birthmark and all.

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