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Review: Stalk Me - Jillian Dodd

Stalk Me (The Keatyn Chronicles, #1)

Review: Stalk Me - Book #1 The Keatyn Chronicles - Jillian Dodd - August 2012

Before Captive Films was created, there were The Keatyn Chronicles. The Keatyn Chronicles starts with Book #1 Stalk Me, and Keatyn is fifteen going on sixteen. Keatyn has grown up in the world of Hollywood with her famous mother - Abby Johnson. She has her best friends Vanessa and RiAnn, and at the beginning of this book, she is dating fellow Child actor Sander. I have to admit this book showed Keatyn's age and was very drama packed and I have to admit she seemed like your usual rich spoilt girl. She had boy after boy, stringing along a couple of guys Cush, Brooklyn, and Vincent. In Stalk Me, Abby has a stalker, and now the fan has started to threaten her family and her daughters. During this time, Keatyn meets Vincent who is posing as a movie producer and wants to remake A Day in the Lake with Keatyn as the main role. This was the movie her mother starred in and what set off her career. During the book, Keatyn goes through your usual high school drama from parties, friendships, boyfriends, secrets, and scandals to flirtatious moments. What will happen though when Keatyn is kidnapped by the stalker? Now she has to go to a new boarding school and leave all her friends and family behind. It is at this boarding school where she will meet fellow Captive Film characters such as Aiden, Riley, Dawson.
As I had previously read the first #3 episodes in the Season One of Captive Films, I was able to understand the backstory a bit more of Stalk Me and found myself relating to the characters more as I was like Oh, this is when she met so and so.... I am now looking forward to reading more of The Keatyn Chronicles and having some of the other gaps from Captive Films filled in.

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