Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Review: Sixes & Sevens - G.E Kelly

Sixes & Sevens (Seven Hearts #1)

Review: Sixes & Seven - Book #1 Seven Hearts - G.E Kelly - July 2016
In the mood to discover a new author? Love reading Reverse Harem series? Sixes & Sevens by G.E Kelly introduces us to Jaycee who when she was a baby her mother died and then when she was six years old her father was arrested and charged with life imprisonment for murder. The thing was that night her father shot someone; they were trying to kidnap her. As Jaycee got older, she knew one day her goal was to save her father and uncover the truth about what happened. Until then, she had to learn to survive foster care. Now at 18 years, Jaycee has run away from her latest foster home to start college. At College, she meets Six guys - Jonathan, Sean, Lee, Alex, Garrett, and Marc. Marc was the one who lived next door to her as a child and knew the truth about what happened to her father. He has spent his life trying to find her, and now she has fallen into his lap, and he's not going to let go and neither will his friends who seem just as smitten with her. What will happen though when her foster brother Roger tracks her down? Will he tell his parents or Can the boys protect her? I was hoping for a bit more of her father's storyline in this book rather than her interaction and blossoming romances with the boys. I am now looking forward to continuing this series, and I have a couple of favorites of the guys - mainly Alex, Garrett, Sean, and Jonathan followed then by Lee and Marc. Sorry, Marc, I don't do guys with long hair.

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