Saturday, January 13, 2018

Review: The Ranch - Erin Lee and Chelsi Davis

The Ranch: Moving on is painful

Review: The Ranch - Book #1 Moving On - October 2017

One of my favorite genres to read is dark fiction. Books that have an edgy side to them and can often be gruesome in parts and have a suspense level to them. One of my favorite authors is also Erin Lee. So of course, when The Ranch was released - I got it immediately and knew I wanted to read it. I was in the mood to read it after seeing the release of Book #2. As soon as I opened the book, I got a gruesome part as a woman was being killed using the historic torture of rats gnawing through flesh. The Ranch turns out to be a business that two best friends Heather and Suzie decided to make into a business. The business is called The Ranch: Moving On and giving Karma is their specialty. The Ranch secretly is also an assassin business. They get paid to dish out torture and the punishments that the person has paid them to do.  The book took an interesting twist with the ending as the Ranch was raided and that ending interaction between Heather and Suzie OMG. I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 and a heads-up reader The Ranch is not the book for the faint-hearted as it has gore, craziness and is one rollercoaster ride of a book.

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