Sunday, January 14, 2018

Review: Murder Notes - Lisa Renee Jones

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Murder Notes (Lilah Love, #1)

Review: Murder Notes - Book #1 Lilah Love Series - Lisa Renee Jones - March 2018
I was in the mood for a Romantic Suspense novel and what better one to get started with than Lisa Renee Jones new and upcoming book "Murder Notes." The only downside with reading this is that as it ended on a cliffhanger, I have to wait a while for the next book to hurry up and be released especially too since this one isn't technically out to the public till March. Murder Notes introduces us to FBI agent Lilah Love, and BTW I adored her name. Murder and Dead bodies seem to follow her around and also she is a hard person to get close too. A series of murders that Lilah's puts down to assassinations have happened in New York, and now one matching the same M.O has been spotted in The Hamptons. This causes Lilah to return home to her old stomping ground where her father is the Mayor and her brother the Chief of the Police. It is also home to Kane Mendez - the heir of the Mendez Cartel and Lilah's complicated ex-lover. Once Lilah returns home, she starts to receive murder notes and threats and of course what's a bit of scandal and dark secrets when it comes to the rich and wealthy. Are these assassinations hits or random murders? What will happen though when Lilah starts to uncover a big conspiracy that everyone seems to have fingers in the pies especially her father? This was a slower paced book and took me longer than usual to read, but I kept reading as murder aside, I was fascinated with Lilah and her dynamics with the other characters. The ending was an OMG moment, and as I had predicted when I started reading the book, it does end on a major cliffie. If you love Romantic Suspense novels, Secrets and Scandals with a bit of Profiling chucked in then check out Murder Notes - Book #1 in the Lilah Love series by Lisa Renee Jones.

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