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Review: Karli - Adelle Laudan

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Karli (Women of Strength)

Review: Karli - Women of Strength Series - Adelle Laudan - June 2015

If you are looking for a quick read, then the Women of Strength series is for you. Karli for the past seven years has been married to Lohan who as we can gather from the book is an abusive husband. One who is cutting Karli off from everyone she cares about. Recently Karli's mother died, and Karli has been so violently sick she couldn't attend the funeral which broke her heart. One morning is doing the washing, Karli finds a medicine bottle. Turns out with a few deductive skills on Karli's part her husband has been poisoning her. One thing leads to another, and she discovers her husband has run off with her daughter to his families home. The thing is Karli has no idea where his family lives as she has never met them, her daughter Chey has of course, but Karli has always stayed home. Now with the help of her neighbor and landlord Todd and his friends, they will help concoct a plan for Karli to get back her daughter Chey. Can Karli follow through with the plan for the sake of her daughter or will she never see her daughter again?
Find out in Karli - a Women of Strength novella.

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