Monday, April 30, 2018

Review: Murder Girl - Lisa Renee Jones

Murder Girl (Lilah Love, #2)

Review : Murder Girl - Book #2 Lilah Love Series - Lisa Renee Jones - July 2018
Agent Lilah Love is back and still at the beginning any closer to finding out who set up Woods and why they are wanting Kane Mendez to take the fall and more importantly who is killing everyone? Murder Girl starts with Old Man Romano tied up in Kane's basement and then learning he doesn't know much either. I have to admit; I wasn't 100% keen on this particular book as It seemed to jump all over the place and was hard to concentrate and find out what was happening, as it looks like Lilah can't trust anyone not even her blood as she is about to discover that what she has been busy uncovering goes way past her rape and all the way to her mother's and Lucas's father's deaths. We also see that Lilah is continuing to receive notes from whom she calls Junior and at the end of this book, the notes still keep on coming. It looks like we know what will be Lilah's mission in the third novel which since this gets released in July, I will have to wait for until next year. I normally really love murder mysteries, but this particular one fell flat for me. I will, however, read the next one in the series as I have a few unanswered questions that I am hoping Lisa will answer for us with the third Lilah Love book. Murder Girl brings us more Murders, Questions and the introduction to a secret society operating in today's society and one that goes deeper than anyone could ever imagine. Who can you trust when you don't know how deep the society runs? Find out in Book #2 of Agent Lilah Love series by Lisa Renee Jones. Coming to an e-reader near you in July 2018.

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