Sunday, April 15, 2018

Review: Anonymous - L.P Dover


Review: Anonymous - L.P Dover - April 2018

I could not wait to read this book as everything about it drew me in, from the anonymous texter to the dark and mysterious cover in black, red and white.  If there's a trope that I love it is stories with texting. In Anonymous, we have Elizabeth Kingston who is happily married to Jake and has the best friend any girl can have Owen.  She also runs her bakery and has the opportunity to expand and franchise out. Life is going great for her, that is until one day she gets a strange text. The way the person talks, it is coming from someone in her past. The conversation starts off friendly but soon goes to creep factor and so Lizzie, blocks the number for 90 days. The day it becomes unblocked, it starts all over again. Someone is stalking Lizzie and wants to make her "HIS." What will happen though when the anonymous person starts to harm and even kill those around her to get to her? Will Lizzie be able to save herself and those she loves or will it be too late as the anonymous person is closer than Lizzie even realizes? I have to admit, I loved this book, and it did keep me guessing till about 3/4 the way through the book and then I had a fair idea who it might have been, and it turned out my guess was correct. If you love romantic suspense and texting and mysteries, then you will love Anonymous by L.P Dover.

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